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Owners can cause cancer to their pets

November 28, 2011

Veterinarian professor from Glasgow University, Clare Knottenbelt on a recent seminar that was given coverage in Mass Media has discovered that not only people are subject to tobacco smoking harm and those whom people domesticated. Passive smoking, according to the Dr. Knottenbelt words, is harmful for health of cats and dogs that breathe with smoke of their owners' cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco harmful agents.

The danger is in the risk of lymphoma and cancer of mouth cavity development among cats and nose cancer and paranasal sinus among dogs as well. After analyzing of nicotine content in "smoked" pets' hair, Clare has determined that pets are subject to tobacco smoke influence and its' active components not less than small children. Only in children presence adults try not to smoke but this doesn't happens in case with pets.

Pet's cancer treatment, by the way costs a lot and doesn't guarantee long term survival. By measuring nicotine content in hair of pets that live near the people, can be made conclusion about level of smoke in one or another room. Perhaps, in future such method will be considered by courts and tutorial service that will take children away from smoking parents. Once in entire civil segment of the world takes place tobacco control...


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