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British American Tobacco has disputed Australian law about unification of cigarette packs

December 5, 2011

British American Tobacco (BAT) has filed a suit to Australian Supreme Court in which it tries to dispute the law that obliges to sell all brands of cigarettes in identical packs. BAT asks to recognize the law unconstitutional and offending intellectual property right. "As legal Company that sells legal products we will protect our intellectual property for sake of our stockholders", BAT official representative Scott McIntyre has declared. As of yet the suit concerns only brands Winfield and Dunhill, in case of success BAT will fight for other brands that are sold in Australia as well.

Australian Minister of Health Nicola Roxon has taken up challenge of tobacco Company. "Let's not be mistaken, huge tobacco Company is fighting with government only because of one reason: people from there know, as well as we know, that standard pack will work, - he has declared. And while they are fighting for protection of their profit, we fight for protection of lives."

Earlier with the same suit to Australian authorities has addressed another tobacco giant - Philip Morris.

Australia became the first country in the world that has demanded to unify design of tobacco packs. In November Parliament of the country has accepted the law, according to which all packs should be of yellow-brown color, brand names to be written with one font and be placed in strictly specified place. Warning about smoking danger depicting possible consequences for health will take 75 % of pack's front side and 90 % - of back side.


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