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Philip Morris left Uruguay

December 19, 2011

Tobacco giant "Philip Morris International" that in any country of the world feels homey is obliged to close its' cigarettes plant in Uruguay, at the same time beginning litigations with government that is leading "too active" struggle with smoking.

Concern representatives tell that decision about closing up the factory and demission of 62 workers took place because high taxes, lowered demand on cigarettes and abundance of contraband on the local market of Uruguay makes existence of Philip Morris plant senseless in its' disadvantage.

From now on "Philip Morris" products will be imported in Uruguay from Argentina.

Let's remind that in May 2006 first of Latino-American countries and fifth in the world Uruguay has banned smoking in public places. Anti-tobacco laws in Uruguay are almost the strictest in the world. Graphic warnings about smoking harm take 80% of pack area and manufacturers are prohibited to produce more than one kind of product under one trade mark. I.e. no "blue" and "silver" cigarettes are sold in this socialistic country. That is why Philip Morris and other tobacco companies feel themselves very uncomfortable - only during the last year sales have fallen by 40 %.

Most likely, concern will not manage to win another legal action and 28 trade Philip Morris representatives that remained in Uruguay will have to find another job.

What is notable, given the strict tobacco smoking control; in the country treat quite liberally marijuana cultivation and consumption.


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