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Miami resident was arrested for smoking in the plane

February 13, 2012

To Miami resident (Florida, USA) was accused of boorishness and devil-may-care: besides that he decided to smoke in the plane, he was rude to stewardesses that have made him observation.

This incident took place on the board of American airlines liner during the flight from Houston to Ontario. According to stewardesses that have served this flight, 37 years old Manolyn Jesus Villaverde was caught while he was smoking in the planes' WC. When stewardesses have tried to explain politely that it is prohibited to smoke on the board, Villaverde answered that he doesn't care of it. Then one of the stewardesses has taken cigarette from him and threw it. But it hasn't stopped Villaverde, he took another cigarette and has lighted it up again. After next attempt of stewardesses to calm him down, Manolyn has tried to come into the cabin to pilots, telling that he wants to talk to them. Ultimately, violent passenger was put the plastic handcuffs and made him sit down in the chair.

Now Vilaverde is in custody and is waiting for court in San Antonio. But it is not for first time for him, in the past he was arrested for keeping of weapon and attack with aggravations.


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