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Nicotine spray can really help those who quit smoking

March 12, 2012

While smokers and narcologists of all continents dispute about which form of replacement therapy suits better those who is quitting smoking, Danish scientists have developed and tested something that doesn't look like patches, chewing gums and electronic cigarettes, - nicotine spray. This remedy represents quick-closing aerosol in barrel that is easy to be used during moments of strong hankering to nicotine. Spray hasn't gone on free sale yet but researchers have made series of clinical tests that have showed effectiveness of this remedy as compared to the same chewing gums that have some unpleasant side effects.

Danish experiment has showed the following results: among smokers that have used aerosol during a year, 14 % have quit smoking for uncertain period but in the group that has taken placebo - only 6 per cent. As we see, the result is not very good, but developer of this remedy, doctor Philip Tonneson has told that with other remedies of replacement nicotine therapy (RNT) the result is even worse.

Generally this therapy, if not listening advertisement but doctors doesn't look like sure method of tobacco dependence release. Earlier scientists from Harvard have showed that after 6 years of abstinence those who use RNT risk not less to start smoking again than their companions in adversity that have went through abstinence.

Nicotine spray can be quite usable in cases where is not allowed use of another quick-acting remedy of RNT - electronic cigarettes. For example, in the same Denmark they cannot be used in airplanes but in Finland advertisement and sale of electronic cigarettes is generally prohibited.


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