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Americans consider obesity more dangerous than smoking

August 6, 2012

Specialists in Health area recommend putting smoking as a threat for health on the back burner and start treating obesity.

As it turned out the bigger problem represents namely obesity and extra weight than smoking. Results of national representative interrogations show that 81 per cent of people tell that obesity is the primary and a very serious problem. But earlier such opinion held 69 % of people in 2005.

It means that more and more people consider that at present moment obesity is much dangerous than cigarettes. 40 % of Americans that participated in interrogation that was held by independent organization have answered that first of all are worried about obesity problem. 30 % still consider smoking the main obstacle on the way of improvement of the nation's health and 18 % tell the same thing about alcohol. Only 3 % have informed that obesity is not a serious problem and 6 % told the same thing about cigarettes.

Growing concern about obesity is probably explained with the fact that level of obesity has grown and it means that people around cannot be indifferent to this problem. As it is known, USA is leader in obesity and to 2010 was registered more than 35 % of population with obesity. However at present moment people of many countries practically keep up with Americans and obesity problem is present everywhere in civilization. In phone interrogation took part more than 1000 people from all US states.


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