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After re-branding Mild Seven cigarettes will be named Mevius

August 13, 2012

JTI Company has informed about re-branding of cigarette brand Mild Seven that belongs to this Company. As result cigarettes will get their own design and name - Mevius. As result of significant investments in re-branding and distribution network expansion Mevius will become leader in this field, expect in JTI.

Manufacturing of Mild Seven cigarettes was launched in Japan in 1978 where they till present day maintain leading positions on the market from the moment of this brand appearance. On global market these cigarettes take third place per sales volume, being sold in more than 40 countries of the world. Particularly, this brand has fixated among leaders in Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and Russia. According to JTI plans after forthcoming re-branding sales of cigarettes with new design will be presented in November current year. In February 2013 cigarette sales under new name will start first on Japan market and later during the year will cover other markets. With new cigarettes brand introduction, Japans count to expand geography of sales.

"Our Company is aimed on growth in mid-term and long-term outlook on account of 4S strategy realization: fulfillment of our obligations and satisfaction of needs with respect to consumers, stockholders, Company employees and society in general, - JTI president and general director Mitsuomi Koizumi declared. - Tobacco is our main business and motor for profits growth. Allocating investments in accordance with Company priorities from point of view of qualitative growth and business stability, we seek to increase annual EBITDA rate from average to high values in middle and long-term outlook. To reach this goal we plan to strengthen positions of our brands, to increase or keep their share on main markets, to expand geography of sales and develop new product types".

According to Mr. Koizumi words present re-branding of Mild Seven with its' renaming in Mevius serve objectives to be achieved and as result should make these cigarettes number one in JTI portfolio (apart from Mild Seven present line of cigarettes is presented with such brands as Winston, Camel, Benson & Hedges, Silk Cut, LD, Sobranie and Glamour).

As can be seen from new cigarettes name, it has saved the key letters "M" and "S" of its' predecessor that were diluted with new letters. In new design of cigarettes will be preserved prevalence of blue tones, as well as Mild Seven had, as such coloration has already established reputation among consumers. Ascending curve that is shown on the packs represents continuous development. At the same time packs will get special visual texture that will make them more refined, reproducing premium quality of cigarettes that they contain.


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