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Increase of prices on cigarettes doesn't reduce number of smokers

August 28, 2012

Scientists from USA have made research results of which attest that increase of prices on cigarettes practically doesn't reduce number of smokers - they switch to cheaper brands or start making "roll-ups".

Researchers from governmental organization U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention inform that in 2011 as compared to 2010 consumption of cigarettes by Americans was reduced by 2.5 %.

However these figures don't give reason even for the smallest optimism as at the same time consumption of other tobacco products by US people has increased during the same period for 17 %.

American smokers have found simple and effective way how to get usual pleasure from inhaling tobacco smoke and not to pay increased price for cigarettes. They use gaps in country tax legislation for this and buy at the same price other tobacco products that cost relatively cheap and further is matter of personal choice: either to smoke, inhaling strong cigars on which doesn't apply new excise tax or (what is even more pleasant) to make roll-ups of purchased pipe tobacco.

Scientists have also fount out that manufacturers of thin cigars have took into account this tendency and have slightly change composition of this type of tobacco products. Now in USA pack of such cigars costs 1.4 USD while average price of the most popular cigarette brands with filter makes in average 5.98 USD.

Researchers have also detected sharp growth of pipe tobacco - a lot of Americans now buy such tobacco and roll up cigarettes themselves.

More than conspicuous are the following figures: from 2000 to 2010 consumption of cigarettes in the country has reduced by 33%. For the same period consumption of pipe tobacco has increased by 482 %. At the same time on the market appeared a lot of other new tobacco sorts for pipes that don't fifer from cigarettes mixtures in their composition.


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