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Tasmania prepares its children healthy senility

September 3, 2012

State authorities intend to introduce total ban for tobacco sale to those who was born after 2000.

Tasmania parliament will consider law draft that prohibits cigarettes and other tobacco products sale to all residents born after 2000. Thereby this Australian state intends to help appearance of the first non-smoking generation in the world.

Australia for some time is in the van of world struggle against tobacco. Here is one of the highest excise taxes on tobacco products. Not so long ago Supreme Court of the country has supported the first law in the world that came into force about typical design of cigarette packs. Now Australian state Tasmania went further. As local newspapers informed, the upper chamber of state parliament has supported draft law that prohibits from 2018 sale of tobacco and tobacco products to persons who were born after 2000.

Draft law was suggested by independent deputy Ayven Deen, a former policeman, who considers that the better way of smoking control is total ban on cigarettes sale. Mr. Deen says that adoption of the bill means that in Tasmania "will appear whole generation of people who have never inhaled tobacco smoke."

According to reaction of authorities, there are no doubts that the ban will be introduced. Anyway, the draft law was supported by Tasmania government representatives. According to the words of Tasmania Health Minister Michelle O'Burn, draft law "deserves serious examination". And she has also admitted that enforcement of such law will not be an easy task. "We are prohibiting cigarettes sale to minors. And it works!" - she has added in the interview for Australian broadcasting Company ABC. According to the words of law supporters introduction of such measures is considered also by Finland and Singapore.

Till today the only country in which acts total smoking ban remains Bhutan. In this kingdom located in Himalayas acts total ban on manufacturing and sale of tobacco products. Besides, in the country acts total ban on smoking in public places, hotels and restaurants. The law, however, allows citizens to import cigarettes for personal use but only in quantities that are determined by Bhutan Tobacco Products Control Agency.


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