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Briefing for tourists: how smokers are penalized in various countries. Part 1

September 17, 2012

You go on a journey abroad, you should become familiar with the rules and... penal sanctions with this addiction beforehand. In many countries of the world the penalty is very high.

Smoking in Singapore

For example, in Singapore smoking ban in public places is active for several years now. Smoking ban applies to offices, industrial objects, medical and bank institutions, grocery stores, restaurants and public places. Smoking ban in Singapore applies to public transport as well, including taxi. From January 2009, smoking ban have supplemented sales area and markets, underground and multistoried parking lots, ferry terminals and berths, game grounds under open sky.

This fully applies to tourists as well, not only local habitants. Ban breakers in Singapore are penalized on significant amount - from 200 to 1000 USD.

Except smoking ban in places of people crowd smokers will be prohibited to smoke while walking. In tourists' reviews about journey to Singapore is traced tendency that tourists before their journey to Singapore have read these rules on the forums, but decided that it is only on paper. However, forum visitors affirm that they were witnesses of such a case when a couple was penalized in amount of 700 USD for smoking near the hotel. First they were penalized for 500 USD but for their indignation penalty was increased.

Smoking in Finland

Smoking control in Finland acquires quite long-playing ideas. From October 1st 2010 Finland became motherland of one of the strictest anti-tobacco laws in the world. Purpose of this innovation - full smoking ban in the future.

According to the document about smoking ban in Finland that came into force, for smoking teenagers risk to go to jail and his parents - huge penalty. And this is not all, jail up to six months threaten Sellers who will sell cigarettes to minors. To treat with cigarette a teenager on the street - jail. So, preparing for a holiday in Finland, remember this and beware of provocations.

Selling and buying tobacco products in Finland through Internet is prohibited. In the shops you will not see tobacco products; they are prohibited to be displayed - smokers should choose cigarettes after special catalogue. Law prohibits smoking in kindergartens, educational institutions and surrounding area for walks, smoking was declared undesirable in residential districts and on street grounds with high accumulation of people.


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