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Briefing for tourists: how smokers are penalized in various countries. Part 2

September 24, 2012

Smoking in Thailand

For smoking in Thailand public places you will have to pay penalty from 60 to 600 USD. Such a law is in force from 2007. Cigarettes are not displayed on open counters as well as in Finland. It is easier to see inscription "Cigarettes sold here", than product itself. After addressing to the Seller you will get goods like under the counter.

Smoking in Spain

First attempts to introduce something that reminds smoking ban were made in 2005 when came into force rules according to which smoking was prohibited in majority of closed public places, in restaurants and bars. Small coffee shops reserved the right to choose whether to become exceptionally for non-smokers or allow smoking. Majority of course has chosen second variant.

Requirement to install parting wall between smoking and no-smoking areas and provide smoking zones with powerful fans. That is why from 2010 punitive measures were introduced more severe and now smoker will have to pay penalty up to 1000 euro. However, in Spain there are no problems with smoking on the street.

According to tourists' reviews can be understood that smokers are politely asked to smoke in another place or penalize at once those who starts to object to police indications.

Smoking in Canada

If you are going to Canada on holiday you will have to get used to realia of Canadian rules of tobacco smoking. Officially in Canada is prohibited smoking in state institutions, airports and railroad stations. There are no ashtrays in bars and restaurants. Tobacco Companies cannot be sponsors of sport events. It is prohibited to smoke in the car in presence of minors. Penalty is 250 USD.


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