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Belgium has declared electronic cigarettes "outside the law"

October 1, 2012

Belgium has declared electronic cigarettes "outside the law"

Ban that was introduced in Belgium concerning tobacco will be applied on electronic cigarettes as well. This was informed by head of country Health Department in answer on impetuous advertising campaign of electronic cigarettes under Smoketronic brand.

"Electronic cigarette as well as usual is prohibited for smoking in public places", - Minister has declared.

Under the ban will fall all types of electronic cigarettes, Euromag notes with reference to Le Soir.

Electronic cigarettes that contain nicotine will be classified in Belgium as drugs and will not be able to be sold in any point of sales. And for the law are equal nicotine and no-nicotine cigarettes as both induce to smoking.

Let's remind that as compared to usual, electronic cigarettes provide nicotine not with smoke, but with steam. Except nicotine in smoker's body get also toxins that educe during heating of special holder that is in the bases of e-cigarettes' structure. In addition, researchers affirm electronic cigarettes can be cause of even more nicotine dependence because manufacturers make them tastier by means of various aroma additions. And consumers are not informed about them.


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