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Israeli research: one hookah influences driver worse than 200 cigarettes

November 27, 2012

Israeli scientists came to conclusion that hookah smoking leads to lowering of drivers' attention concentration what increases risk of crash situations by 40 %.

In the research that was made by scientists from Technion and Ziv Medical Center in Zefat, took part 100 drivers. 70 volunteers, men and women were offered to smoke hookah before experiment, after this they had to drive on simulator about 10 kilometers. After analyzing driving results of those volunteers who have smoked and who haven't, researchers came to conclusion that participants of first group by 40% oftener had crash situations. In particular they have oftener crossed against the lights than participants of control group.

Scientists say that lowering of attention concentration happens at the expense of increasing the level of carbon monoxide in the blood. After hookah the level of carbon monoxide increases to the level that corresponds to 100-200 cigarettes, but smoke influence on the body continues up to 6 hours.

Doctor Vafa Alias that was at the head of group of researchers marks: "Many people think that hookah is more safe than cigarettes as a lot of harmful tar and other toxic agents remain in water through which goes smoke, but it is not so. Water cools down smoke what allows it to deeply penetrate lungs."


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