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Tobacco revolution. Who has made women smoking? Part 1

December 10, 2012

Why women smoke? What attracts them in this process? Smoke irritates respiratory tracts, causes cough plus unpleasant smell... All of these don't grace the fair sex.

Cigarette in thin fingers was image of freedom, glamour. And all girls in the past considered that smoking helps to quit smoking and keep the weight. It was a great idea that worked more than glamour and its' author is known.

At the turn of 1930th women have actively started to smoke. Women smoked not less than men. It was new. Thirty years ago American women haven't dared to smoke in public places. Even in German restaurant footman has stopped once famous writer Cecilia Soler. She has just taken cigarette and matches and she has to hide both. Woman was able to smoke only at home, in closed premises. Now, women smoke everywhere.

Person who has made tobacco revolution - Edward Louis Bernays. Legendary person. For example, phrase "banana republic" was invented by him, providing PR-support to overthrow of Guatemala president Hakobo Gusman that was legally elected at the beginning of 1950th.

The Customer was "United fruit Company" - the largest bananas supplier from this country to USA. It's acres were nationalized by new president, for this he has paid lately. Bernays was founder of modern PR.

In 1920th he worked for "American tobacco Company", promoting Lucky Strike cigarettes for women. In their advertising smoking was presented as habit that helps quitting smoking, - slenderness became very popular at that time. Everything went well, sales of cigarettes were growing. But society still disapproved female smoking and ladies preferred to smoke as far as possible from strangers. Bernays has perfectly solved this problem.


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