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Tobacco revolution. Who has made women smoking? Part 2

December 17, 2012

In 1929 he with the help of his assistant and several splendid models has organized on Easter parade in New York some kind of performance. At proper moment in presence of journalists and photographers, specially trained girls have started to smoke all at once, giving rise to public shock.

Then they gave right comments in mass media and the next day newspaper were issued with articles, explaining that cigarettes is a "freedom torch", symbol of movement for female freedom and sexual equality.

And it worked - women started to smoke on public, as if oppose themselves to male dictate.

War of symbols

Bernays has made his symbol very skillfully. The mater is not that he took cigarette, torch and so desired for everyone freedom. In this triad was the forth element as well that women shouldn't be aware of. In all projects Bernays has always used psychoanalysis as he was double nephew of Freud and his wife. Cigarette was one of male symbols that have always subconsciously caused female attraction and envy. And Bernays's provocation allowed ladies to easily "capture" it - it was enough just to "start smoking".

Amazing thing: Bernays that has habituated millions to smoking, in 1960th started to consult famous organization "Action on smoking and health". He wrote: "If in 1928 I would have known about smoking what I know today, I wouldn't work on "American tobacco".

In 1995 PR patriarch died in age of 103. His name is in the lost of one hundred the greatest Americans. In the latter days of his life he found out that his books were desk "bible" of fascist boss, PR evil genius of Hitler ideology - Goebbels.


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