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One of the most smoking countries in the world is China

February 4, 2013

In The Celestial Empire live 350 millions of smokers. Quite often people with cigarette can be met even in the train or in waiting room of auto station; Chinese authorities intend to stiffen penalties for smoking in public places.

In China new anti-tobacco law comes into force next year. Several years ago smoking ban in public places has provoked a rush of indignation of restaurants' and hotels' owners. Now Chinese authorities intend to take another stab.

It is the second massive anti-tobacco campaign in China. First took place in XVIIth century when for smoking people were cut off the head at the order of imperator. Now, almost 400 years after - measures are not so radical, but they are still severe. For smoking in prohibited places will be imposed significant penalties - beginning with 2000 Yuan.

Dan Yuyshen, Harbin city dweller:

- I smoke since 1971, for 40 years already. How can I quit? My body got used to nicotine and if I;ll quit smoking in this age, I may have diseases that are more serious than those that are caused by smoking.

In Ministry of Health of China consider that people smoke so much because of insufficient awareness of citizens about tobacco harm. And underestimate danger even those who has to do directly with education and treating other people - teachers and doctors. In this regard government prepares massive anti-tobacco campaign based first of all on informing the population.

Li Syaobo, Heihe city dweller:

- I consider: of course, it is good that now will be read lection about smoking harm at firms, but it is not the most important. It is difficult to help quitting smoking those who already smoke. It is important that from now on will pay more attention to children in the schools. They have to be learnt not to start smoking!

In the plans of government is to increase prices on cigarettes significantly. However, in China they are many times cheaper than, for example, in neighboring Korea or Japan.

Harbin city hall - located on North-East of the country has went even further. Beginning with the next year here will be prohibited smoking in transport, in all hotels and restaurants without any exception, and there will not be special rooms for smoking.

Transport Companies have supported authority's initiative without waiting new law to come into force. For example, it is already prohibited to smoke in the taxi. Just lighting up cigarette will make driver putting off the client. If driver lights up cigarette, client complain by phone to traffic controller and not pay for the trip.

Strict restrictions for smokers are only in the long term as of yet. Tobacco lovers in The Celestial Empire may live calmly for several months. New law comes into force from May of the next year.


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