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JTI introduces the slimmest cigarettes Glamour on the market

March 4, 2013

JTI introduces on the market innovative cigarettes Glamour Minislims with 4.7 mm in diameter with LSS (Less Smoke Smell) technology that furthers reduction of tobacco smoke smell.

Novelty continues development of new segment of tobacco products - micro-format that appeared after Winston XS micro - the slimmest cigarettes in the world were launched on the market. Launching these cigarettes on the market became the world premier and their extremely laconic format has aroused keen interest among consumers.

"Launching new family Glamour Minislims is one more step in tomorrow of the world tobacco market. Its' future is after innovations, technologic improvement, premium know-how for consumers. All these qualities are present in our new product," - have marked in JTI.

In Glamour Minislims were connected advanced achievements of tobacco industry (extra-slim diameter of cigarette, LSS technology, charcoal filter) and uncommon decisions in packs' design that reflect last vogue tendencies and actual direction Fashion Graphic Design. In manufacturing new cigarettes of Glamour line for the first time was used charcoal filter thanks to which in mini-format was managed to reproduce entire flavor fullness of classic Glamour Super Slims cigarettes.

Brand is presented inn two styles: Violet (tar content - 5 mg, nicotine - 0,4 mg) and Pearl (3 mg /0,3 mg).


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