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Cigarettes as medicine: how was smoking promoted 50 years ago

April 29, 2013

Smoking control for the last decades has reached unbelievable scales: threatening inscriptions on the packs, scary illustrations, prohibitions that toughen from year to year. From a pleasant habit smoking little by little turns into vicious habit, but cigarettes' advertisement is considered by many people as something immoral. And it is even hard to imagine that in the middle of previous century this product was promoted with such scale.

Such brands as Lucky Strike, Camel, and Viceroy were used in advertisement not just like images of common consumers, but, what is not of small importance, doctors and sportsmen. Cigarettes were presented not only as a way to relax, get charge of cheerfulness but also as remedy that is able to influence body state positively.

For instance, Camel brand has declared for numerous times that cigarettes smoking while and after eating may further better food assimilation.


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