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You must be at least 21 years of age or older to buy cigarettes
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New York dwellers will be able to smoke only from 21 years old

May 14, 2013

New York authorities start assault on smokers' rights. City council intends to prohibit sale of cigarettes to everyone who is younger than 21 years, the same restrictions already work for alcohol.

To present new rules on hearings came The Head of New York city council Christine Quinn in person. She and New York Mayor are competitors (elections are ahead), but in the question of youth health all branches of New York authorities are unanimous. It is most likely that the restriction for tobacco sale to persons younger than 21 years old will be adopted.

Turnovers of cigarettes sale from the moment when Bloomberg (former smoker) became New York Mayor have fallen from 42 to 7 million packs a year. New York anti-tobacco legislation is one of the most severe in the country. Sellers of tobacco products in New York check for documents of young people.

It is prohibited to smoke almost everywhere. From 1997 the number of smokers has reduced twice all over the country. The aim of present rules is to prevent people from starting smoking.

Present toughening of rules of tobacco sale will apply not only on Buyers: Sellers will be prohibited to show harmful product. Draft authors considered that presence of the packs ob shelves urges to vicious habit. Cigarettes will not disappear from shops, but they will be literally sold under the counter.


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