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You must be at least 21 years of age or older to buy cigarettes
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From 21 and elder

January 20, 2014

New York has increased "smoking" age.

New York became first American city that has prohibited sale of cigarettes and other tobacco products to persons elder than 21 years old. Corresponding law became the crown of many years struggle of the Mayor Michael Bloomberg with visions habits of city dwellers. Besides, in the law is prescribed minimum price of cigarette pack - 10.5 USD.

For 11 years in mayor's chair of "Big apple" Bloomberg for the third time toughens anti-tobacco law. In 2001 1700 city parks, squares and pedestrian areas have received status of zone free of tobacco smoke. Before this on the initiative of Mayor was increased tax on cigarettes sale. In other American states anti-tobacco legislation is much loyal.

According to federal law in USA in majority of states the minimum age for buying tobacco products is 18 years. However, for preventing youth from vicious habit on Alaska, in Alabama, New Jersey and Utah this standard was raised to 19 years.

However, the main difference of New York version of anti-tobacco law from other became the clause about electronic cigarettes that are in fact equaled to classic tobacco products. Food and Drug USA administration (FDA) has reckoned electronic cigarette among devices that deliver nicotine into the body but that at the same time don't poison the body. Namely for this reason till today sale of electronic cigarettes wasn't regulated by anything, what means that even a school student could buy them. According to experts' forecasts only in 2013 sale of electronic cigarettes in USA may reach up to one billion. Thanks to Bloomberg's policy for ten years number of smokers in New York was reduced by one third. In Europe, in average is allowed to buy tobacco products beginning with 18 years. Exceptions are Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria - in these countries smoking is allowed beginning with 16 years.


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