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You must be at least 21 years of age or older to buy cigarettes
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In New York have been toughened rules for cigarettes sale

January 27, 2014

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has signed another "anti-tobacco" law that toughens cigarettes sale in the city. Now tobacco products will be possible to be legally bought only by persons not younger than 21 years old.

Decision about rising minimum age of tobacco buyers from 18 to 21 years was earlier approved by city council.

"New law also concerns electronic cigarettes", - has declared Mayor's representative. Besides, sellers are prescribed not to sell chewing tobacco and paper for rolling-ups to people younger than 21 years old.

With separate law Bloomberg has determined minimum price of cigarette pack in amount of 10.5 USD. Draft laws signed by Mayor will come into force in 180 days.

Present New York Mayor who considers health improvement of the biggest megalopolises in USA one of his main priorities has earlier toughened rules of selling products that contain sugar, salt and fats, marks "Los Angeles Times" newspaper.

In particular, city restaurants have been prescribed to indicate the exact number of calories in the menu and sugar containing soda was offered to be imposed with additional tax. In 2011 more than 1700 city parks, squares and pedestrian areas, including Times Square and also 14 miles of seafronts became zones free of tobacco.

By the way

History of New York city hall struggle against dwellers' addiction to tobacco began back in 1988 when authorities have prohibited smoking in city WC and taxi. Since then rules have been toughened three times, including introduction of strict prohibitions for smoking in public places in 1995. From that time in restaurants, bars and private clubs to light up cigarette became illegal.

Besides, New York authorities and city hall not once have hit heavy smokers in the pocket. In less than three years after city authorities have added 1.6 USD of tax on each sold cigarette pack bringing its' average price to 10 USD. Only this simple step allowed moving from smokers' pockets in the city budget almost 440 million USD. Today pack of Marlboro cigarettes costs in New York in average about 15 USD.


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