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Australian scientists have declared that tobacco may kill cancer cells

May 26, 2014

Researchers from La Trobe University have found plant molecule of which contains substance that furthers destruction of cancer cells. It is part of natural defense of the plant.

Australia. Scientists from Australian University La Trobe have found that in tobacco leaves there is molecule that may destroy cancer cells. It is part of natural defense of the plant. Earlier this molecule was well known to researchers as substance that provides natural protection of the plant against bacterium and fungus.

It worth to mention that it is referred to the plant Persian tobacco (Nicotina alata). It belongs to the same genus as solanaceous that is used in cigarettes and cigars; however, of course, it is another kind.

According to the report of The Molecular Sciences Institute, NaD1 molecule works on account of formation of special structure that seizes membrane lipids and tears it, letting out content of dangerous cell. As result cells break up. Biotechnological Company Hexima has already started preliminary tests in order to determine if NaD1 can be effectively used for curing people's cancer.

Leading researcher Doctor Mark Hewlett has told that the biggest problem of modern methods of cancer curing is that curing effects are nonselective. Thanks to NaD1 molecule cancer cells may be influenced selectively while modern medicines apart from destruction of oncologic formations negatively influence the body in whole.

However, they have determined that molecules of tobacco leaves may focus only on cancer cells and influence health insignificantly.

Nevertheless as major part of such discoveries, years of laboratory and clinical researches should pass before the medicine will be ready for use.

According to the words of scientists, medicine based on flowers of Persian tobacco will come on the market not earlier that in 10 years.


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