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WHO urge not to prohibit electronic cigarettes

July 7, 2014

A group of Britain medics and biologists has addressed to World Health Organization with a letter in which it has urged to refuse intentions to introduce measures for prohibiting electronic cigarettes.

In the letter that was signed by more than 50 researchers is said that such devices that introduced nicotine in smoker's body in doses may be considered valuable invention in medicine.

Usually they represent simple heater on battery that has electronic scheme that in turn controls process of heating of nicotine-containing liquid and its' transformation into steam.

WHO as of yet is considering its' opinion about such devices and recommendations of the organization haven't been accepted yet.

Opened letter was arranged prior to important international talks about policy regarding tobacco goods that should take place this year.

Supporters of electronic cigarettes that consider them safe replacement for real cigarettes are concerned that these devices may become object of restrictions and government control as well as tobacco products.

"These products may become one of the most significant innovations in healthcare area in XXI century" - write the authors of the letter.

The question remains opened.

The market of electronic cigarettes is growing quickly during the last years, however Ministry of Health of Great Britain considers that their consumption is risky as there are no data about long-term consequences of electronic cigarettes smoking as of yet.

The authors of the letter, among which are specialists in healthcare and experts in smoking consider that electronic cigarettes may be even more helpful than traditional remedies that are used for quitting smoking.

They refer to the WHO confidential document that came to their hands and that names electronic cigarettes a danger that may cause new wave of tobacco epidemic.

From February 2007 came into force WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC). Its regulations restrict and regulate International standards in such areas as:

Increase of prices and taxes on tobacco;

Tobacco advertising;



Illegal trade;

Passive smoking and other.

This Framework covers 90% of world population in 178 countries.


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