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Sale of cigarettes to Britons who were born after 2000 may be prohibited

July 14, 2014

Association of Great Britain medics is intending to obtain full ban on cigarettes' sale to persons who were born after 2000 so that to 2035 to finally rid British society of smoking.

Draft law about ban on selling cigarettes to persons born after 2000 will be introduced for consideration to the Great Britain parliament. According to experts' opinion, they don't expect that smoking in the country will stop at all. However, according to their words this vicious habit will stop being a norm. And medics indicate again on huge harm that causes smoking.

According to experts' data about 80 % of Britons start smoking already in adolescence. And not all refuse bad habit.

Ban on sale of cigarettes to those who were born already in 21st century, according to the opinion of Association of Britain medics will be an important step on the way of releasing Britain society of smoking to 2035. It is worth to mention that earlier Association has achieved ban on smoking in public places and ban for smoking in the cars with children inside.

However, according to critics of new draft law, introducing ban on selling cigarettes may cause significant growth of sales of this product and prices on it on black market. Potential harm from this may be even worse than if cigarette would be sold legally. So, skeptics name this offer about new ban populist.


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