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The greatest 20 historical myths – the truth

May 4, 2007

Most of so called well-known facts are not facts actually but historical myths. The do not have an attitude to reality. We offer to your attentions the list of such myths which are considered as historical facts for ages and thus they distort the real picture of the world. Here they are below.

Myth number 20. Walter Raily brought potato and tobacco in England.

Sir Walter Raily is a researcher, ladies man and one of the mysterious and mythological persons in England history. On the modern portraits he is painted as handsome man, although the portraits with his original face were not found. He was considered as ladies man and as if he was liked by English Queen Elizabeth I. Is it true that he put his coat in the puddle for Queen could come cross it? No it is not true. The truth is that he did not bring first potato and tobacco from America to England. Although as was suggested that Raily brought potato in 1586, and as a matter of fact first potato harvest was gathered in Spain in 1585 after that he was spread all over Europe and even crossed The English Channel. Tobacco was brought to France in 1560 by Jean Nicotte (nicotine received its name after his last name). Thus smokers of all over the world erroneously consider that Sir Walter Raily brought this habit.

Myth number 19. Walt Disney painted Mickey Mouse.

It is considered that the most well-known cartoon character Mickey Mouse was painted by Walt Disney. But this is not true. Mickey was pained by an animator #1 Ub Iwerks in Disney studio, who was famous for his speed of painting. He painted very fast. First cartoon about Mickey (for it he should paint 700 pictures a day) was created within 2 weeks. Later when first cartoon with sound appeared Disney rehabilitated. Mickey Mouse spoke with Disney’s voice.

Myth number 18. Marie-Antoinette said “Let them eating pastries”

In 1766 Jean Jacque Russo wrote about an event which took place 25 years ago. When Marie Antoinette found out that French villages are lack of bread, she offered them to eat pastries. The problem was that those years Maries was only 11 years old and lived in Austria. Most likely that these words were spread by revolutionary propagandists to show that the head is too far from people.

Myth number 17. “Great train robbery” was the first feature film

The film was made in 1903, but it was not the first feature film. Its length is 10 minutes. First fiction film became 100 minute Australian film «The Story of the Kelly Gang», made 3 years later. Were made a lot of films like ““Great train robbery” in the end of 1890’s.

Myth number 16. Van Gogh cut off his ear

Pauper great painter Van Gogh (during his life he sold only 1 of his pictures) not long before committing suicide quarreled with his friend. His friend Gogen was more lucky in selling his works and Van Gogh cut a part of his own left ear off.

Myth number 15. In Salem city witches were faggoted

In Salem (MA) in 1692 during the process under witches 150 people were arrested, 31 people were sentenced and 20 of them were sentenced to death. Of all 31 people not all were women, 6 of them were men. They were not faggoted – witches were not afraid of flame, they were beat by stones and then their bodies were hung on the rope.

Myth number 14. Napoleon was a stout man.

Most people are sure that excessive Napoleon’s ambitions compensated his height. As a matter of fact the height of “Little corporal” was 5 ft 7 inches (168 sm. ) – this is higher than middle Frenchman of those times. Why was he called so? This nickname was to tease him for his insignificant military rank. Napoleon became an imperator but the nickname remained the same.

Myth number 13. The king Ioan Landless signed the Magna Charta

The Magna Charta limited the king’s power and initiated democracy. On the pictures of those times is shown how unwillingly the king Ioan signs the Magna Charta on the meadow near Windsor in 1215. It is ridiculous because most probably he was illiterate - check in the archives 4 kept originals of Charta – all of them have the stamp. No signatures.

Myth number 12. Eva ate an apple

An apple is a nutritious fruit which is considered as “forbidden fruit” since Eva picked it in the Eden garden. But attentive reader should notice that nowhere in the Bible “fruit” was not called “an apple”. Of course it could be an apple. The same as an apricot, mango or any other fruit. But only apple was ciphered.

Myth number 11. An apple fell at Newton’s head

Again apples. Just this unfortunate fruit managed to fall at Sir Isaak Newton’s head and inspire him with inventing the law of gravity. A good fairy-tail and this is most likely a fairy –tail. It was Walter who told this story in his essay about Newton. The only person who told it before Walter was Newton’s sister, Catherine Conduit.

Myth number 10. Magellan performed circumnavigation

Everybody knows 2 things about Magellan: that he circumnavigated and during this journey he was killed on Philippines. First thing excludes the second one. In fact, Magellan made exact a half of his way. Finished the journey Juan Sebastian Elikano, his assistant.

Myth number 9. MagellImperator Neron played violin while the house was burning.

This story is known to all: 64 century B.C. Rome is burning and Neron plays violine. This is impossible! Firstly, the violin was invented in 1600 years! And even if the violin had presented, Neron could have played it on the distance of 30 miles away of burning Rome as during the fire he was in his residence in the suburb.

Myth number 8. Captain Cook discovered Australia

Of course Australians do not want to think this. Long before 1770 this land reached Dutchmen Avel Tasman and Dirk Hartog and English pirate William Dampire. And also this continent was discovered 50 000 years ago by its natives Australians. The only thing what Cook could be called as discoverer for is discovering new lands. Afterwards white people settled here.

Myth number 7. Shakespeare composed Hamlet’s history by himself

William Shakespeare is known as a great dramatist in the human history. However most of his plays were not created by himself – they were creative adaptations of stories, legends and traditions. The play “Hamlet: Prince of Denmark” as historians say, was based on old Scandinavian legend.

Myth number 6. America became independent on July, 4 1776

This is not the truth. Fathers founders of America signed Declaration of Independence this day. But the war for this independence lasted for 7 years and only on Septembern 3 1783 treaty of peace between America and English King George III was signed

Myth number 5. Edison invented electrical lamp

Edison is a great inventor. He had 1093 patents. But most of his inventions were made by the unknown workers of his laboratory. And besides this, 40 years before Edison’s birth electrical light discovered Davy Hamphy. His lamp could shine only 12 hours running. Edison found the proper material for the lamp could shine continuously. This is an achievement, but not a discovery.

Myth number 4. Columbus proved that the Earth is round-shaped

Judging from the book of American author Irwing Washington, everything was so. Everybody thought that the Earth is flat, but Columbus convinced them in another one. From the 4th century B.C. nobody think that the Earth was the flat pancake. Columbus could not prove that the Earth is round because he did not believed this! He considered that the Earth has pear-shaped form. He had never been in America and reached only Bahama Islands which have pear-shaped form.

Myth number 3. Gandi liberated India

This is the most known leader of movement for independence of India. He called upon to refuse violence. He was 16 years old (in 1885) when Indian National Congress was created. But without Gandi’s participation India would have independence by other methods. And even more earlier if it would follow the methods of Netahi Chandrs Bose.

Myth number 2. Jesus was born on December, 25

It is Christmas on December, 25. But there are no prove in the Bible and other sources that Jesus was born exactly this day. But why December, 25 became Jesus’s birthday? It is probable because this day ancient Greek celebrated the day of God Mitros borned by a virgin and simultaneously it was the shepherd’s day.

Myth number 1. George Washington was the first USA president.

Everybody knows that George Washington was first of 43 USA presidents. This is not true. Fist was Payton Randolf - he was elected by revolution congress. His first step on his post was creating Continental Army for the defense from English forces and designation on the post of the commander-in-chief - general Washington! In 1791 John Hanson changed Randolf and then we sent congratulations to Washington after he won the battle under Yorktown. He signed it as “Me, the president of America.” And Washington became first nationally elected president of the USA but the 15th in a row.


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