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Smoking at the wheel will be banned in EU

June 21, 2007

Smoking at the wheel will be banned in EU.

Healthy life-style is everywhere - European Union coutries one by another adopt smoking ban at the wheel. In worst posistion are megapolis dwellers who stay many hours in a traffic jam and solve their deals practically in the cars. They smoke while it too frequently.

In combination with aggressive ecological situation, common nervousness and other external and iternal irritating factors, smoking damages the health. But the mail problem, how experts say, is in cutting down the concentration on driving a car. Smoking at thw wheel is dangerous for driving a car.

Practically the whole world occupies with the development of anti-smoking bills today. The main agrument of those who would like to ban smoking at the wheel is that "Cigarette draws away driver's attention". The same situation is with speaking on the mobile phone at the wheel.

In Estonia, Belgium and Scotland smokking was banned for professional drivers who drive passenger vehicle, freight transportation and taxi. The dame projects approved Germany, England and Japan and the laws winn begin to act in the nearest future. There are taxi cars in Japan with specian no smoking signes. Those who eager to smoke are offered an alternative of special lollipops which help to overcome desire to smoke. Or disposable pack-ashtray is given specially and the car is stopped for smoking a cigarette in the street.

Today it is a question of total smoking ban for all drivers while driving a car. Activists of different countries are very ingenious. In Germany is offered to ban smoking at whell completely, in California - only when children are present in the car. In the beginning of the year smoking at the whell was offered to ban by deputies along with speaking on the mobile phone at the wheel. This bill was rejected in Russia, that's why smoking at the wheel is allowed there.

Thus experts consider that at the present moment solving of smoking tobacco problem is a global problem and the state should occupy with it. But applying different smoking bans is useless. It will take 10-15 years to change mass consciousness. Maybe and more.


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