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10 packs, 200 filtered cigarettes, King Size Box. (Tar 10mg, Nicotine 0.8mg) Made under control of Philip Moris Products S.A., Switzerland. Made in Europe.


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History and results

August 1, 2007

Fashion on smoking cigarettes arose at the beginning of XX century at Philip Morris suggestion. Spying on the Russian officer who rolled tobacco, industrious Englishman brought out American blend mixing of Barley, Bright and Turkish tobacco, on the basis of which in 1924 the first cigarettes for women were created.

The fact is: Marlboro cigarettes, which are associated with tough American cowboy, initially were created for women and were reoriented to men only at 50ths, XX century. At the same time disposable cardboard pack appeared, replacing usual cigarette-case. By 1975 Marlboro cigarettes have become the most popular product in the world. In Soviet Union people could exchange one pack of American tobacco delicacy for the new jeans!

Marlboro cigarettes pressed Camel tobacco brand, which was very popular at the time of Prohibition. That cowboy on the picture against the camel is the idea of the American R.J. Reynolds, who in 1875 founded the factory where chewing tobacco have been producing. Since 1913, Reynolds Company started to produce Camel cigarettes, on the packs of which the inscription Number one in the United States looked good at that time.

During that time, between American smoke producers and health authorities the conflict was brewing.

Nowadays, according to the World Health Organization, there are more than 1.1 billion of smokers in the world. Advertising posters, TV demonstrate us the image of tough hero with cigarette in the mouth. In 1990ths 57% of American movie heroes were depicted like Marlboro man, though among population from the similar stratum, smokers amounted to 14% only.


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