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10 hard flip top packs, 200 filtered cigarettes, white filter. Slims Box. (Tar 6 mg, Nicotine 0.5 mg) Made under control of Philip Moris Products S.A.
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Cigars. Glossary. Part 6

May 17, 2010


It is type of stuffing tobacco that distinguishes with aroma. From Spanish it means "dry".


Tobacco, grown 'in the shadow", i.e. under the tent made of dense texture (Tapado). Leafs go out more thin and elastic and are used for cigar covering leaf.

Spanish Market Selection

One more name for natural covering leaf (see Colorado, Cafe, Sun Grown).


It is tobacco, grown under direct sun light. Its' leafs are more dense and with more thick streaks, than leafs grown "in the shadow".


It is covering under which is grown tobacco for covering leaf "in the shadow".

Torcedores (Torcedoros)

With this word in Spanish are called professional men that roll cigars, mainly on Cuba.


It is cigar with pointed end and a bulge in the middle.

"Totalamente a Mano", "Hecho a Mano", "Envuelto a Mano"

These are inscriptions that are met on cigar boxes and that mean accordingly "made fully manually", "made manually" (i.e. cigar rolling is made manually but filling with stuffing is possible with machine method) and "manually packed".


Professional tobacco growers (in such a way they are called on Cuba and in other Spanish countreies).


Covering leaf with lightly "shining", glossy surface grown under special covering.


It is type of stuffing tobacco (one of three main), differs with good burning characteristics.

Vuelta Abajo

It is name of the valley on Cuba where is grown the best, according to opinion of many people, cigar tobacco.


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