Kent Convertibles $24.00

10 packs, 200 cigarettes with white filter, King Size Box. (Tar - 4 mg, Nicotine - 0.3 mg). Filter consists of carbonic part and acetated part which contains gelatinous capsule with refreshing flavor. When pressing the sign on the filter during smoking, capsule activates and changes the flavor of cigarettes to menthol.
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How is cigar made and what do you have to know about it?

February 7, 2011

Cigar, as a rule is made of three parts. First of all it is filler. Here can be mixture of long filler or mixture made of short filler. To keep filler it is rolled up into binding leaf (or binder). And all of these together are wrapped in another leaf. Cigars with long filler are handmade. Cigars with short filler are as a rule made by machine but binding leaf and covering leaf in this case can be made both out of original tobacco leaf and its substitute (or mixture of grinded tobacco and cellulose or paper).

Not known cigarillos made of cut tobacco are very small.

What color cigars can be and what the color can talk about?

Color-grade of its leaf is endlessly wide - from light-immature to anthracite-black. Today are determined mainly 6-7 colors of covering leaf (if talking about tints, on Cuba they are counted more than seventy).

Claro Claro (or Double Claro, or Candela, or Jade) - light green. Such color is reached by flame (smoke) leaf drying that fixes chlorophyll in them. Cigars with this covering are repeatedly sweet.

Claro is bright, yellow-brown.

Colorado - between brown and red-brown.

Natural (Colorado Claro) - between light brown and brown.

Colorado maduro - color of milk chocolate.

Maduro is dark-brown, color of coffee, a little sweet. Oscuro (Negro or black) is very dark almost black. To acquire such covering it is fermented longer and is aged before getting to person that rolls up cigar.

It is considered that cigar color is connected with its strength. But, in fact, there is no real connection here. Cigar color depends on the leaf it is made of but its strength depends on filler composition. Meanwhile packing leaf determinates cigar aroma a lot. For a reason, for example, variants of Swedish brand Frans Suell have such names and characteristics of tobaccos as: Deli Sumatra, Bezuki Java (sweet), Bahia Brazil, Vuelta Havana (saturated) but on the package of some Holland products word Sumatra is incomparably more powerful than name of genuine cigar brand.


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