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Imperial Tobacco has filed a suit against Australian authorities because of the new law about cigarettes sale

December 12, 2011

Britain Imperial Tobacco, the fourth Company in the world, has filed a suit on Tuesday, December 6th, against Australian authorities because of the new law about cigarettes sale, placing in question its' validity.

This law that comes into force in December 2012, request to sell cigarettes, pipe tobacco and cigars in identical packs of pale-green color without using brand logos and colorful images. With this major part of the pack will take images that are destined to prevent smokers and remind of cigarettes' harm for health.

"Supreme Court of Australia will now deliver judgment for claims concerning new rules, one of which consists in how these unprecedented rules (of cigarettes sale)" - general manager of Imperial Tobacco Australian subdivision Melvin Ruigrok announced. He has added, that document, accepted by Australian Parliament in November infringes rules of intellectual property.

Similar suit last week has filed in the Supreme Australian Court 2nd world manufacturer of tobacco products British American Tobacco, while the largest tobacco giant Philip Morris has filed through their office in Hong Kong suit in international tribunal, having mentioned that possibly will demand compensations in connection with possible losses from new normative act that can reach one billion USD.

Besides, countries that export tobacco, including Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Ukraine have warned that they can also dispute new rules of cigarettes sale in Australia through international trade regulators.


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