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Smoke of cigarettes with benzene: unusual action against smoking

June 4, 2012

How to wean population from addiction to smoke and poison life with nicotine? Maybe with the help of unusual actions? For example, in Bombay shopping center was decided to make cigarettes installation. Such car as is shown on pictures, average smoker destroys for couple of years. And if people do not care about their health, present anti-tobacco actions appeal to avarice (economy, frugality): to smoke is first of all expensive, informs poster above the auto-sculpture.

Organizers of unusual action that are against smoking have created original sculpture - tobacco car. The car that is imprinted on pictures is made of 200 thousand of cigarettes. During several years such quantity will easily handle any smoker. Impressive installation made buy creative Hindu says, that smoking is first of all expensive habit.

Unusual action reminds that India takes second place in the world with respect to tobacco manufacturing and consumption after China. Each fifth Hindu suffers of nicotine addiction: 240 million of people in the country consume tobacco.


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