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"Unpalatable" cigarettes. Part 2

July 16, 2012

Genetic engineering is the rescue

As result researchers have created third, new type - genetic vaccine that was tested on mice first for treating some types of tumors. Anti-nicotine vaccine uses the same model. Scientists have taken sequences of nicotine anti-bodies, generated with the help of genetic engineering, and placed them into harmless for body adeno-bounded virus, developed by research Scripps institute.

Sequences of nicotine anti-bodies have also included information that has directed vaccine on liver cells hepatocytes. As result anti-bodies build in hepatocytes' nucleuses and these cells start on constant bases generating in big quantities anti-bodies that while meeting nicotine molecules swallow them.

Vigilant surveillance

"As we imagine, the best way to treat chronic smoking dependence is "patrol" of anti-bodies that cleans blood as often as required, before nicotine takes effect" - says the author of research, Dr. Ronald Jr. Crystal.

New vaccine will suit not only for treating people who experience difficulties to coping with dependence alone but it can also be used as preventive measures. Also, even if person will start smoking again after vaccination, he will not get any pleasure from this process at all.


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