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Life without cigarettes

July 30, 2012

Scientists compared attitude to life of those who quit smoking and those who still continue smoking.

Many smokers are afraid to give up smoking not only because of dependence that has developed but also because they consider that they will deprive themselves of pleasure and several pleasant minutes. Specialists from University of Wisconsin state have found out how smoking refusal improves psychological wellbeing.

1.5 thousands of people who quit smoking during one and three years till the examination beginning were examined. Such factors as self-respect, attitude to life, work, and rest, relationships with relatives, children and friends were took into account. It appeared that nobody has felt their life quality degradation after they quit smoking thanks to the fact that full body clearing of nicotine took place.

Besides, people, on the contrary, started to notice positive changes and feel more positive emotions as compared to the time when they smoked. But on the third year of smoking refusal number of stresses has reduced.


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