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Scientists: Smoking causes depression

October 15, 2012

One more reason for minors to refrain from smoking was found. Biologists of Florida University have found that those who smoke in adolescence afterwards suffer from depressions oftener. This conclusion was made after series of tests on rats. Experiments have shown that nicotine plunges young rodents into depressive condition and deprives them of life pleasures. While growing up, such rats were more exposed to stresses exposure and, generally, have demonstrated more unstable behavior. Even more, it appeared that even one-time nicotine influence (rats have received it with injections) has long-term effect.

Researchers were also able to return rats that have got nicotine in the youth to normal life using anti-depressants and injections of the same nicotine. It is interesting that rats that got nicotine for first time when they were grown ups haven't had such problems. Research authors consider that in such a way was experimentally proved that nicotine somehow seriously and lasting influences young brain development (regardless - rat or man). Detailed research description was published by Neuropsychopharmacology magazine.


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