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Court has obliged manufacturers of cigarettes to "repent" publicly

December 3, 2012

War of American community against Companies that produce tobacco products has moved to a new level. The other day one of district courts of USA has delivered judgment according to which tobacco Companies should recognize in public deception of smokers.

The USA justice machine in many cases works more than slowly, however, it doesn't prevent from re-establishing justice step by step, even if the case is about such richest Companies as American tobacco giants.

Back in 2006 federal judge Gladys Kessler decided that during decades tobacco products manufacturers have misinform both active smokers and potential victims of their products. Judge Kessler has resolved that manufacturers of cigarettes should publish at their own expense information that they have "intentionally deceived American community about smoking consequences".

In spite of all lawyers' efforts directed on cancellation of this decision (that they have named "public declaration under pressure") the act has moved step by step to final phase - till the March 2013 should be finished concordance of form in which such "declarations" will be made. This question will be discussed by tobacco products' representatives with Department of Justice.

After what during the next year on TV, in newspapers and on web-sites of the Companies should appear texts with the following content: "Each day smoking kills 1200 Americans. Tobacco Companies intentionally intensify specific properties of cigarettes, so that tobacco dependence comes faster. All cigarettes, including "lights" and "super lights" brands cause cancer, heart diseases and premature death".

It is also supposed that in each cigarette pack will be enclosed leaflet with similar text.

All attempts of tobacco Companies to remove text of mentions that cigarettes have addicting property and also about smoking consequences for health have met inflexible will of judge Gladys Kessler.


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